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The difference is in the photography

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate photography is one of the essential elements that form a bespoke marketing campaign. The images captured by the photographer should catch the eyes of as many prospective buyers as possible.

The architectural photographers we engage at Peterswald for property are among the best in Tasmania, which helps ensure the highest quality. We trust our photographers to make your property look its best, especially in this very competitive market.



Our photographers have a wealth of experience and can utilise this to help present the property. In many cases, this can mean removing excess furniture, decluttering the home and temporarily reducing personal items such as family photographs. For more information, read our article on “The difference is in the styling”.


To show your property in its best light, our photographers look for the highlight of each room or space and showcase this. Examples of these are beautiful bay windows, rustic and ornamental fireplaces, feature stairwells and statement island benches with waterfall edges. Our expert photographers pride themselves on their ability to hone in on what makes each room special.




Homes are more appealing to buyers when they look light and spacious. Curtains and blinds should be fully opened to ensure natural light filters in, lights should be turned on to create a well-lit and inviting interior. Photographs should have warmth and brightness to attract potential buyers. Keeping the rooms well-lit for photos assists in preventing a cool, dark feel to a home.

Our talented photographers ensure consistency across the photographs of each property. This is done by adjusting several technical aspects such as exposure and additional flash. It is the job of the photographer to create a full set of images that can be viewed as a cohesive set.

HDR photography

HDR photography is where multiple exposures of the same shot are taken. Details from each exposure are then blended together seamlessly to create a professional final image. Final photographs displays a perfectly lit interior, whilst also showing a well exposed view through windows. Without this type of photography, exterior and interior elements of the photo will either be too light or too dark.


One of the main ways to show the entirety of the rooms in your property, is by using a wide-angle lens. These lenses have a small focal length and allow for more background to be in-frame.

On average, our photographers take over 30 photographs per property. They capture a number of images in each room, to ensure you are happy with the variety in the photographs.

Most photos are taken on a tripod to ensures consistency in height set up for every room. It allows for nice crisp lines and in-focus images, without blurriness or haze caused by sudden movements of the camera. A tripod also enables our photographers to take long exposure images of the property interior. With the camera set at the correct height, our photographers prevent any distortion in the photographs.


High quality property photography is extremely important to us and is therefore included in all of our marketing packages. There is no additional charge for the service.