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The difference is in the styling

Property styling is the staging of a home during the sale process with furniture, homewares, and artwork. Property styling has become increasingly popular in Australia, with many of our clients choosing to have their homes staged due to the exceptional results it can achieve.

The first step in the staging process is for the stylist to inspect the property to determine the most suitable amount and type of furniture for each room. It is the role of the property stylist to make a home look as attractive as possible to interested parties, to assist in achieving the best sale price.



Reasons for home styling

It adds character and defines a space

A home with little to no furniture can lack character and can make it difficult for buyers to comprehend the scale of certain rooms. Bold or large furniture pieces can also be problematic as they can make a room feel smaller and are often polarising. Property stylists offer expert solutions to these problems through the use of neutral furniture and décor to define living zones and increase the aesthetics of a property.

It depersonalises the home

The environment created by a home filled with photographs of the current owners or other personal items can make it difficult for buyers to see themselves living in a space with their own belongings. The inoffensive yet stylish items used by property stylists are excellent tools to combat this issue.

Achieve a higher sale price

A recent home staging study found that 68% of staged homes sold for at least 9% more than neighbouring homes that weren’t styled. With the cost of property styling averaging less than 1% of the sale price, the process offers a fantastic potential return on investment.

Sell more quickly

Stylists have a good understanding of the constantly changing real estate market, as well as up-to-date knowledge on design trends. Photos of staged homes generally bring more purchasers to your property, creating more competition and a faster sale.

Focuses on selling points of the property

Our stylists know how to make rooms look brighter and more spacious. They have various pieces of furniture suitable to properties of all types and eras to help compliment and highlight the features of the home.

Make blemishes disappear

Upon entering a vacant property with no furniture, it is easy for the eye to be drawn to any flaws a property may have. Property styling creates a visual distraction, enabling buyers to see the potential of a property more easily.



Cost of property styling

The cost of this service differs from property to property and will depend on both the size of the home, access and the amount of furniture that is required. For this reason, some of our clients choose to stage only certain rooms.

Styling a 4-bedroom home in Hobart costs on average $4,000. Of course, this cost could vary depending on the size of your house and amount of furniture required.




Success story

One of our recent sales was a 2-bedroom property in Hobart. The vendor received an offer from one of the neighbours before she put her home on the market, an offer of $680,000. After talking to our property representative, she decided to test the property market. We mentioned that the initial price point would increase by doing upgrades to the house, such as styling, new carpets and paint.

The vendor took our advice. “After doing the upgrades, the house presented much better. The styling was very easy, the stylists arrived at my house and gave suggestions. I gave them the keys to my property and they arrange everything from there. The furniture that they used was beautiful. As we had already moved into our new house, we didn’t have any furniture ourselves.”

Once the house hit the property market, the neighbour came back to the property and put another offer in. This offer was $82,000 higher than her original offer. After spending a small amount on the upgrades, the vendor had in fact gained a much higher sale price than expected.

“When I’ll sell my current home, I would definitely hire a stylist again. They added a lot of value to the sale of the property.”