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Redefining real estate

Redefining real estate

We are defined by our world class systems. At Peterswald our service is constantly evolving, improving and developing, as a result we always provide you with the best experience.

We are defined by our top notch marketing. This starts very early, when we look at presenting your home at its best. Property styling and property photography are some of the methods we use to make your home stand out. We create a comprehensive marketing approach using print, digital and social media as well as direct mail to reach the largest pool of potential buyers.

We are defined by our emotional connection. Our homes are our most valuable and cherished assets. It’s important for us to understand why you love your home, because that allows us to create a strong connection with the buyer.

We are defined by our first class negotiation. There is a fine art in selling quickly and for the highest price. It is a strength of ours to create a sense of urgency and level of competition within a buyer's pool.

We are defined by premium prices. Our main objective is to secure the best possible price for our vendors
and we have the skills, knowledge and experience to make sure we achieve the best result.

We are redefining real estate.